Pakistan’s International Isolation

Sometimes, the foreign policy is defined as Country’s plan to deal with other nations. The word”plan” is significant here and we need to ponder on its first. Countries plan something to conquer foreign front when they have internal stability and environment free from caste, color, and regionalization and in case of Pakistan – extremism.

After the world war, apart from many things, world learnt one thing; collaboration of the ideas instead of single minded approach. The things that were just right for Hitler, Mussolini became the cause of millions of deaths. After which every sensible country, induced a collaborative approach in foreign decision making.

In U.S., UK, Germany, the foreign policy is devised through consensus of security establishment, political elite and foreign policy experts.

In Pakistan, since inception, the dwindling political system, more than required influence of bureaucrats and consistent Martial Laws did not let this nation to enjoy consistent foreign policy.

In Ayub’s era, we shook hand with America and faced the rudeness of Russia after SEATO and CENTO. In Bhutto era, his personal communist ideas were injected forcefully and state itself broke the backbone of industry through nationalization. Bhutto somehow moved the foreign policy towards Middle East but he became the victim of time and foreign policy after that never came into civilian hands purely.

In Zia ul Haq era – we presented our foreign policy as a sale to world powers. They used us and turned us in a factory of Jihadist.

(May be I’ll be wrong but I don’t think so) Our foreign policy just revolves around three nations. India, America and Afghanistan – we need aid from US. India, the natural rival and our jihad factories in Waziristan put the western border on never ending battle line.

Pakistan never thought beyond this ground. We failed to explore new heights, new venture, new friends and new lobbyists. Countries like Pakistan, where 200 million people are trying to run the business of life on a land that can hardly provide resources for 30 million – should have made new international friends so that investments flow would have maintained and our manpower could find favorable response in the industries and job markets.

Pak India relation were damaging after the 26/11 attacks and India repeatedly asked for more decisive action against perpetrators of attack but we still finding out ways to solve the mystery in our dull anti terror courts. Pathankot attack and Kashmir clashes cause more stir in the boiling blood of hardcore elements and now Indian-Pak governments have locked horns to sabotage each other’s diplomatic credibility.

India is calling the cancellation of SAARC summit in Pakistan, Its achievement.

Are we isolated! Let see it! Yes! SAARC session in Pakistan could have been a good sign to enlighten Pakistan’s Image at international front but our inability to take the confidence of Sri Lanka and Nepal did not let this happen.

On American front – after the blockage of subsidy for F16s, the relations were downing but with the defense pact with India, U.S. clearly has chosen India in the region to counter balance the growing influence of PAK China collaboration.

Those who think that Pak Russia relation after joint military exercise are touching new heights. You must know that relations between two countries are like two old friends, they gradually strengthen and links can’t be broken for any single incident. Is there any chance that Russia will veto any thing in Security Council in favor of Pakistan; Russia always supported India on Kashmir issue, what are the chances now? So! Wait for some years and immediately just rely on military cooperation. By the way, in the BRICKS Summit, they have signed multibillion $ deal with India for defense and oil export.

On Afghan issue – the myth that Pakistan holds much influence on Afghan Taliban has been broken apart after the failure of recent talks. The afghan card used by us in past many years has been slipped through our hands and countries Like U.S. does not give any credit or aid for our this influence. There only concern is; this country is nuclear, engage it so that extremism in Pakistan could not provide the manpower to global jihad.

The Prime minister of UAE has accepted Modi’s offer to be the chief guest in India Military Parade of next year. Where is our Muslim brotherhood now?

The Ceril Almeda’s report in Dawn Newspaper shows the rising tensions between military and civil leadership on the current dilemma of international repute.

Just forget the current URI attack after which India decided to point its diplomatic guns towards Pakistan. Analyze our international position with cool mind and without the influence of patriotism.

From last three months, the Kashmir is burning and every day, the toll of death is rising. Before the URI attack – Pakistan was on much better position and international organizations were showing their concerns on Kashmir protests and brutal use of force. But no economic, military power and peace making body including U.S. & United Nations tried to give a clear statement for the excessive and illegal use of force. Why! To secure their economic interests. They have nothing to do with Indo-Pak or with the legitimacy of Kashmir issue. They just want to boost sales of defense weapons and U.N. does not have enough power to independently take a firm stance against India.

It can be debatable either India succeeded in isolating Pakistan or not, but one thing is clear; our inabilities to counter the domestic issues have created more than ever problems for achieving foreign targets. Without economy and proper flow of democracy, how can a country make stable foreign policy?

Someone agree or not but the truth of the matters is- we have been labeled as a terrorist state in the international media. Europe does not have a soft corner for us, USA wants decisive action against Haqqani network and now the world opinion is completely in favor of India and they want Pakistan to eliminate banned or unbanned extremist organizations working freely in Pakistan. The ground reality is, you have to clear these hardcore criminals so that our diplomats would have something in the pockets to present a soften image.

Till when, we shall bear the load of ultra nationalism, partition memories and hard core religious elements in shaping our foreign policies.

In this situation, pass the lead to draft foreign policy to foreign office. All concerned pillars of national security must give their opinions to them and eventually, the cabinet’s authority to pass the policy should be the practice like sensible and democratic countries.

In the end, the words of John F. Kennedy are coming in my mind; “Domestic policy can defeat us; foreign policy can kill us” and our 60,000 lost lives in terrorist attacks are the living examples of this quote. Think on it till it’s too late.






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