Quetta Blast and unsolved equation of Terrorism

In reality, whenever, we think that we have rooted out the menace of terrorism from our country, a blast or target killing happens and takes way our hope with it.

I was checking my news feed on my FB, where a friend of mine had shared a picture message, the meaning of which was “I don’t know what’s the meaning of peace in Urdu dictionary but here in my country, it shows the time difference between two killings.”

Indeed, the message was ironically correct. We become used to situations like these. Media reports regarding killings, bomb blasts have taken part in our common lives and did not get much attention.

The recent Quetta blast shattered the assertion that lives of common people are now safe from the intentions of terrorists.

In the first step, the targeted and killed president of Baluchistan bar association, Bilal Anwar Kaasi and when his body brought to civil hospital Quetta, lawyers and media personals gathered to protest in the emergency area where as planned; suicide bomber blew up himself and took away with him, hopes of many homes. Death toll reaches to 74 and nearly 50 persons have received major and minor injurious.

The basic in front of us to analyze what went wrong in Quetta and why Quetta?

No doubt, Pak Army conducted successful operation in Waziristan and wiped out the safe heavens of terrorist. However, they are still operating from afghan regions and their hideouts are untouched from any military operation of afghan army and U.S. forces. Before the construction of crossing over gate at torkham border, the travelling was too easy and it was not impossible to send a potential suicide bomber in Pakistan. They have sympathizers in most parts of the country. The banned religious outfits always supply them required logistic support. Just like APS attack, in which the terrorists were given the information and provided one night stay, by the cleric of irrigation department mosque near the APS. So here, in this attack, they must be provided with logistic support through the banned terror outfits in Baluchistan. Same banned organizations that were supposed to be behind the suicide attacks on Hazara community. They are helping out their likeminded fellows. Baluchistan has a long border with afghan area and in the past, we have seen Taliban using this border to hide from any intelligence eye.

As far as the question of baloch national and liberation army is concerned, in the past, they relied on the target killings and massacres, not this kind of suicide attack.

Another aspect is; it can be a sign of aggression against China Pakistan economic corridor by our enemies. Now! This aspect does carry weight.RAW involvement in Afghanistan and relations with Pak Taliban and banned nationalist movements of Baluchistan are not hidden. Indians can use the Pakistani Taliban in Afghanistan to sabotage the peace and making this region unstable so that security of Chinese and Pakistani personals working on CPEC projects could be put in danger.

Army chief has ordered the combat operation and given the free hand to intelligence agencies to target any terror suspect. It would definitely give results.

As far as my understanding is concerned; the complete eradication for terrorism needs “a white wash “type operation against all hard core religious organizations “banned or unbanned”. Many clauses of national action plan are still not implemented in true letter and spirit. Curb on financial terrorism and action against religious extremism still waiting for expert approach and political consensus. Successive governments should have enough courage to openly speak and act against sectarianism. We should not forget a leading political religious party, pressurized the federal government until, they removed the word of sectarianism from the 21st amendment.

This fight is against mindset and we should say it openly. We have to tackle our enemies in our society, they live like us but have sympathizes for religious extremist groups.

In Baluchistan specifically, the insurgency had come under the control after efforts from army but U.S. drone attack generally and this suicide attack particularly shows that intentions are clear to transfer the fight against terror to Baluchistan so that any development project could not be completed. After wiping out from KPK, Baluchistan is next target and we have limited time to understand and counter.

Baluchistan is an easy target because anti nationals elements are already there and law and order situation gives them what they want to create panic. They want to throw Baluchistan in the menace of terror just like KPK.

The government should work on the human and industrial development of Baluchistan so that terrorists could not find the necessary human force to carry out their mission.

Queen Rania of Jordan once said that we are in confrontation with those, who have hijacked our religion; those who maligned Islam with their violence, bloodshed and horror.

Unless, we tackle this hidden mindset in every street and corner of country, this fight would be meaningless. All citizens need to understand and fight against culture of “use of religion for personal gains”.






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