Drone attack to melt the ice of peace talks

Whenever, I think about Afghanistan and the instability in our mineral rich neighbourhood, it gives me the images from the movie “The Kite Runner” – in which the old man had to leave Afghanistan but he said while leaving, “See history, this country is not kind to invaders”. This line simply abridged the whole picture of our war hit neighbor.

Our history with Afghanistan doesn’t have some glooming memories as it was the only country that opposed our membership for United Nations. Over the time, Afghanistan realized the need of situation and things went further without any major setback.

After the Soviet invasion, if we analyze precisely, the civil war is still going on between different fractions of afghan society. In 1997, afghan mujahedeen got control of most of the country and declared their Islamic government but the Islamic practice did not get the adequate support from international community. Eventually, after 9/11 USA imposed war on Afghanistan in search for bin laden and till now, the bloodshed is going on.

As old man said, “this country is not kind to invaders”. After spending trillions of dollars and claiming thousands of lives, still peace is a nightmare in country.

Taliban are putting their utmost effort to gain back the power and with the reduction of American troops and responsibility of peace and stability on the shoulder of afghan national army, the situation is gradually slipping through hands.

The current afghan government has been completely failed to put the things in order as even in the capital, the recent wave of terror attacks revealed the credibility of afghan national army.

The peace process that was started some months ago by the facilitative role of Pakistan has remained unproductive as both parties were not ready to relax their muscles.

However, in this whole scenario, the killing of Taliban chief Mullah Mansoor has raised many questions regarding the role of U.S. and Pakistan’s challenge to remain influential on Taliban.

Mullah Mansoor killed in the targeted drone strike in the Baluchistan as he was coming from Iran. After the attack, President Obama talked with media and claimed that mullah Mansoor has been killed in drone strike and this killing is a signal to those who don’t believe in peace.

The passport found near the blown up car contained the name of Wali Muhammad- later it is proved that Taliban chief was living in Pakistan with the name of Wali Muhammad. This shows the credibility and professionalism of NADRA.

On one side, U.S. wants the peace process to begin again by removing the hardcore leadership and on the other sid,e drone is hitting the target in their ally’s area.

If America had wanted really to hold peace talk-what was the need to announce the death of Mullah Umer through afghan intelligence, last year, when there was a hope of some fruitful outcome in talks?

Some analysts are saying that this attack was actually based on the intelligence sharing by Pakistan. Others think that Iran provided the travel details to U.S.

However, my opinion is based on the assumption that U.S. gives the signal that even with less army; don’t think that we have nothing to do with these affairs.

U.S. needs to understand after the death of this leader, more fractions of Taliban will emerge and without a leader to represent them all, the talks would nearly impossible.

Whatever has been happened – it has done nothing in favor of Pakistan and the concept that Pakistan still holds influence on afghan Taliban, has been further weakened. If U.S. used this drone to melt the ice of deadlock in talks, it has to re – visit its policy as after the killing of Taliban leader on Pakistan’s soil – the facilitator role has been further compromised.

The Taliban have picked their new leader, Molvi Haibut Ullah, who was the head of Taliban’s judicial system in their regime and is more like an intellectual than a soldier.

A question rises here – the car is blown up by drone, how the passport remained untouched & clear and found near the car. This shows that something is behind the curtain and possibility of ground operation can‘t be sidelined.  U.S. has cleared that it will attack the opponents of peace process where they are. Pakistan is protesting as usual on the violation of sovereignty.

It is done for the peace but will not add even an inch in peace talk’s progress. The land is not kind to invaders. Remember this!!




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