The Police Nama

It has been our inability throughout past decades that we did not develop institutions and development was restricted to the construction of roads and bridges. The rule of law is the biggest asset of a nation otherwise the difference of society and a jungle will be just in name. This was our incompetency as a nation that democracy was not institutionalized in country and within political parties. That’s why; the politicians did not care to put themselves lower to the law and make the institutions autonomous.

From PIA to steel mill and railways –the national institutions have become the cluster of unions, politics, nepotism and lack of competency.

Rule of law is necessary for peace and stability because the society needs both for the smooth running of business of life. However, in our country, the things would have to be seen through different lens as our leaders (because they were just known to the word”democracy” not with the values of democracy) thought that authority is something divine and use the institutions to pursue their own agenda.

“Police”, one of the institutions that became the victim of our politician’s desire to make them their personal force, that’s why, this law enforcement agency never, remained in the good books of people and a common citizen cannot think to get his work done from the police without bribery or some strong reference.

It is become a national feeling that police can’t protect us and even in mostly cases, the policemen are seen as partners of criminals. This is because from the head to the lowest constable, all know, they are out of the sphere of accountability and competent leadership.

The problem starts with the root, the selection process of police that has remained highly controversial, nepotism and bribery hit the news, many times, during the recruitment drives. The new inductees’ come into department; they have to deal with corrupt officials. The sense of training is something that was never even felt for police for which the regular training is must. A police man in the junior police gets the job and retires normally after thirty year of service and he does not have to face the question of his competency and efficiency.

Second, the police infrastructure needs overall changing. The police stations are not completed in numbers and the stations that are already under enormous pressure for taking up a lot of areas have to face the issue of staff, which is not sufficient. There is no planned intelligence, no coordination among various districts and no concept of investigation under the modern techniques of criminology.

Thirdly, the politicians are not ready to make it autonomous institution because in case, they made it, they have to face the resistance in their own agenda to threaten the people with the police. The postings in the rural areas cannot be made without the consent of local MPA. With the passage of time, the police have been politicized on much higher ground.

At the higher level, the police officers are dependent on the chief ministers and there is no concept of defiance in reaction of a wrong demand by the political leadership. They just obey the order for the promotions and posting to some favorable place otherwise they have to face the music at some far away area, miles away from mainstream city.

The result of all this, has been seen in Rajanpur, where a gang of dacoits and criminals made them miserable and at last army has to be called for taking up the matter. The inspector general should be asked that in the past years, billion of rupees have been received by the police in the name of police training, is this result of training that we have to call the army for an area of 9 Km sided with water.

The police tries to hide their incompetency by making different kinds of forces (as recently dolphin), that is not the answer of people’s concerns- the provincial leadership must be asked, how much the crimes have been controlled in the Punjab in past years? Pays are increased, new facilities have been given to police – we don’t expect some miracle but at least some result should be in front of us for satisfaction.

The leaders need to understand, institutions are established, when you bow in front of rule of law and consider yourself as an ordinary citizen. The police has to be made autonomous institution otherwise; these “Chotu Gangs” will challenge us at every area.


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