Don’t know how to name the feelings. Is it the first drop of rain, or the cool breeze after heat wave?   Is it the burst of a fountain in a desert or hopefully not – just a usual media hike?

The chief of army staff, Gen. Raheel Sharif did what he said. After two days of his speech, in which he said that society can’t develop without across the board accountability, he sacked 13 military officials on the charges of corruption. The officers included two senior military personals; Lt. Gen. Ubed Ullah Khattak and Maj. Gen. Ijaz Haider along with some brigadiers, colonels and a major. The money has been taken back and they have been expelled from army.

This was the first time; the accountability has been done at such scale in the army. Before that, it was not even considerable and the demand of auditing the army budget was always there. The army did not let the civilian institutions to look into its financial issues. The former army chiefs were known this fact of corruption; however, they preferred to remain the matters as it were.

In the recent times, due to the media, the corruption has become one of the national issues. Many figures hit the media that billions of rupees are gone into corruption, each day in Pakistan. The NAB was never given the autonomous command to stretch its legs and capture the exact sharks that are eating the money of common man.

Accountability is the pillar on which a society prospers more smoothly and diligently. The nations, who introduced the system of across the board accountability don’t have to beg others for the financial or development needs. That’s why, we see in US and Europe that the corruption is not tolerable at all and the politicians in the countries have to remain more careful. In the absence of accountability, the society becomes more than a jungle, where each one tries to impose its supremacy. Our society is responsible to much extent for bringing the situation here as never ever in the history, the people gathered and blocks the road on the issue of corruption and accountability. Corruption has become a habit in our lives and a common man can’t even think to get his work done by some public office without offering the bribe.

The panama leaks issue again made this phenomenon a national agenda, the opposition parties are demanding a commission under apex court while the government is using the delaying tactics. Let’s assume, the commission has been made under the supreme court of Pakistan, what will they do? They will require the service of FBR, Finance ministry officials for the official help. These officials can’t bear to take any route against present government in the investigation. This is just the time of waste as this is the while collar crime and our system is not ready to investigate and capture the hawks that have cunningly transferred their money aboard.

The real system, we need is to start the accountability, now as the army has started. The timing of these punishments is worthy to analyze- maybe it’s a signal to government that the security establishment wants clear accountability practice in the country because they know without accountability and eradication of corrupt evils, the nation can’t prosper and peace and stability will remain a dream. The army chief started it by griping their own top brass and now the ball is in the government’s court.

We as a nation needs to decide, either we want to live in a country where we could ask our leaders about their income, about their saving and about their business or we just want to live and see them flourishing their own businesses and settling their wealth aboard.

Remember! No doubt! Army chief has taken the first step and now we “the people” responsible for taking the stand for this campaign. We have to make this an issue – with debates, with demands and till the NAB is not made autonomous institution and across the board accountability is not started, we should not silent our voices and heat should not lose its temperature.

Although in social media, users used the slogan of “thank you Raheel Sharif” just to mock others for little things but in reality this is the second time (after efforts against terrorism) we want to thank him for concerning with people’s aspirations and acting without taking any pressure. The nation will remember him as someone who did not care for the reputation of his prestigious institution and showed the corrupt faces by reacting on the feelings of common men in Pakistan. The superiority of rule of law is the ultimate answer to the economic and social evils that are eating our country like a termite.


Published by: Hussain Anwar

Well! I have an avid interest in current affairs and international politics. I love to know things, got a craze to share my ideas and always looks for healthy debate as these are the sources of knowledge. An ambivert & music addict !

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